OHS certification is a clear demonstration of your commitment to the health and safety of your workers and visitors.

OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) differs from other compliance topics in that - until now – it has never had an ISO management system standard. Many countries have developed their own standard. For example:

  • BS/OHSAS18001 is an originally British standard that has wide international acceptance.
  • AS/NZS4801 is an Australian and New Zealand Standard that is widely accepted in those countries and other Pacific nations.

The good news is that for the first time there is an ISO standard for OHS management systems - ISO45001.

Benefits of OHS certification

A certified OHSMS (Occupational Health & Safety Management System) may offer many benefits, including:

  • Demonstrated commitment to a healthy & safe workplace

  • Reduced risk of work-related injury and illness

  • Reduced risk of legal non-compliance and subsequent costs / prosecution

  • Regular audits help to lock in good practice

  • Entry to market

  • A competitive advantage in tender processes

  • Enhanced brand reputation

OHS management may also be included in an IMS or Integrated Management System that also addresses topics such as Quality, Environment, and Information Security. This has become even more logical with the introduction of the new ISO45001 standard as the new-generation ISO management system standards all take the same risk-based approach and structure. These commonalities make it very practical to take an integrated approach to compliance and risk management in your organization.

Obtaining OHS certification will demonstrate your commitment to a healthy and safe workplace, consistently meeting requirements and continuous improvement.

If you are already certified to AS/NZS or OHSAS18001 there is a transition process available to ISO45001 standard.

Contact us now to give your organization the assurance of OHS certification or for more information about transition requirements.