QCL Terms & Conditions

Provision of Confidential Information

As QCL operates under Sci Qual International's JAS-ANZ accreditation, information related to the service to be provided will be shared with those organizations as required for certification and accreditation purposes. When QCL are otherwise requested to provide confidential information regarding a client, it will only be provided following contact with the organization and only when legal proceedings require the information. Public Domain Information regarding the Certification Details are not included in this provision.  Where reportable breaches of legislation are found during an assessment, the most senior executive of the Organisation available will be advised immediately, and the Organisation given the opportunity to respond prior to the incident being reported to the relevant authority.

QCL will treat all information provided to it on clients provided by sources other than the client (e.g. complainant, regulators) as confidential.

Payments by applicant

The Applicant shall pay to QCL (Qudos Certification Limited) the following payments:

  • Reimbursement of all costs of carrying out the assessments including assessment and administration fee;
  • Reimbursement of all costs of investigating the procedures of the Applicant through surveillance to ensure that the conditions associated with a Certificate of Registration are being complied with including the usual fee for such investigation;
  • Reimbursement of all costs in respect of the maintenance of each Certificate of Registration granted;
  • QCL's usual fees for reimbursement of any costs reasonably incurred by QCL due to the Applicants failure to comply with the conditions attached to a Certificate of Registration.
  • Payment of invoices is due within 14 days
  • If payment is not made as contracted, the client will be liable for all debt recovery costs incurred by QCL.

Cancellation of Certification

Should the client not wish to continue with certification within the period covered by the certificate, a cancellation fee of £150 plus VAT shall apply.

Cancellation may occur in the following circumstances:

  • Failure to allow JAS-ANZ to witness audit our auditors.
  • Failure to maintain the program in a satisfactory manner as evaluated at audit or failure to comply with these regulations.
  • Failure to pay QCL invoices in a timely manner
  • Failure to close out corrective actions by the required time.

QCL will have the right to provide to any party on request the correct status of certification of a client's management system as being suspended, withdrawn or reduced.

Where greater than 6 months has elapsed since the previous audit where a major nonconformity was generated, a full assessment audit will be required for reinstatement of the certificate.

Cancellation of Scheduled Audit

Where an audit that has been confirmed is cancelled, cancellation fees will apply as below.

  • Cancellation up to 10 days before audit date 100% of the fee
  • Cancellation up to 20 days before audit date 50% of the fee


Terms & Conditions - Certification

When you complete an application for certification this is based on the terms & conditions listed below. We will use the information contained in your application to prepare a quotation and approval of that quotation in writing or by email will be deemed acceptance of the terms and conditions of certification below for your requested certification

  • I/We confirm that Sci Qual International (SQI) may vary the Assessment methods and costs if incomplete information was provided at the Initial Assessment/Audit stage.
  • I/We confirm that the Company/Organisation named in this Application has agreed to proceed with all Assessment/Audit Activities leading to Certification/Registration by SQI.
  • I/We undertake to pay all other costs required under the Regulations governing the SQI Scheme for Registration connected with Assessment and administration, irrespective of the eventual granting of a Certificate of Registration.
  • In the event of being granted a Certificate of Registration, I/We undertake to conform to the Regulations governing the SQI Scheme for Registration and in particular to pay all annual fees charged for Registration, Certificate maintenance and Assessment Cancellation fees if applicable. Sci Qual International Regulations
  • I/We understand that SQI may cancel Certification if fees are not paid in full in a timely manner.
  • I/We, accept that this agreement entered into is an agreement covering a surveillance audit program over a 3 year period, subject to the terms and conditions of the Regulations and that notice of NOT to renew a Certificate of Registration must be given to SQI not later than two (2) months before the expiration date of the Certificate. The Certification Process
  • I/We accept that SQI may modify or vary the Audit methodology, Scope of Certification, Surveillance Schedule and costs depending upon the findings of SQI Assessors/Auditors of your Company or Organisation as requires by the conditions of our accreditation.
  • I/We agree that all information provided in our application is true and correct.
  • I/We agree that SQI will be advised within 3 working days of any Product Recalls or issues related to product safety, food safety or legality to enable us to establish if this presents any issues relating to certification.
  • I/We agree that SQI will be advised of the closure of any sites covered by our certification. Failure to do so will be considered a misuse of the certification and could result in cancellation of your certification.
  • I/We agree that SQI will be advised without delay of any significant events including, but not limited to fatal incidents, serious injuries, occupational disease or legal action by a regulatory authority.
  • I/We agree that SQI will be advised at the time of surveillance or re-certification, of any OHS related findings by third-parties.
  • I/We agree that we will fulfil the certification requirements, including implementing appropriate changes when they are communicated by SQI. This includes
  1. completing the certification agreement;
  2. paying all necessary fees;
  3. providing information about changes to certified product
  4. providing access to certified product for surveillance activities
  • I/We agree to make all the necessary arrangements for
  1. the conduct of the evaluation and surveillance (if required), including provision for the examination of documentation and records, and access to the relevant equipment, location(s), area(s), personnel, and client’s subcontractors;
  2. investigation of complaints;
  3. the participation of observers, if applicable;
  • I/We agree that all claims regarding the certification will be consistent with the scope of certification.
  • I/We agree that we will not use our certification in such a manner as to bring SQI into disrepute and will not make any statement regarding our certification that SQI may consider misleading or unauthorized;
    I/We agree that if the certification applies to ongoing production, the certified product will continue to fulfil the product requirements.
  • I/We agree that audits will be scheduled with adequate notice for both the client and the auditor/certification body.
  • I/We agree that upon suspension, withdrawal, or termination of certification, we will discontinue the use of all advertising matter that contains any reference to certification and will take action as required by the certification scheme (e.g. the return of certification documents) and any other required measure;
  • I/We agree that copies of the certification documents provided to others, shall be reproduced in their entirety or as specified in the certification scheme;
  • I/We agree that in making reference to certification in communication media such as documents, brochures or advertising, we will comply with SQI requirements or as specified by the certification scheme;
  • I/We agree that on request we will provide unimpeded access to the site and premises, to documentation and records and to product, for the purpose of conducting the audit.
  • I/we confirm that we will provide all reasonable assistance required by the auditor in the conduct of the audit.
  • I/We agree to comply with any requirements that may be prescribed in the certification scheme relating to the use of marks of conformity, and on information related to the product. We understand and accept that where we have used marks in a way deemed to be inappropriate by SQI that these will need to be removed promptly.
  • I/We agree to keep a record of all complaints made known to us relating to compliance with certification requirements and to make these records available to SQI when requested, and:
  1. We will take appropriate action with respect to such complaints and any deficiencies found in products that affect compliance with the requirements for certification;
  2. We will document the actions taken;
  • I/We agree to comply with SQI appeal process as outlined at Complaints & Appeals
  • I/We agree to inform SQI, without delay, of changes that may affect our ability to conform with the certification requirements