The certification process

The following steps outline the certification process:


We will help you to complete the application and provide you with a competitive, fixed-price quotation

Gap Analysis (optional)

Prior to or during system development, we can conduct a Gap Analysis to identify how you currently stand against the requirements. While this is optional, it can be a great step to help you focus attention where it is most needed

Stage 1 audit

Our auditor or audit team will conduct a desktop review with you to establish readiness for the main audit

Stage 2 audit

Our auditor or team will audit your system against the applicable requirements of the standard. A report will be issued that confirms areas of compliance, observations, opportunities for improvements, and any nonconformities to be addressed


On successful completion, we will provide you with a globally-recognised certificate of registration. For your assurance Qudos Certification Limited operates as the UK location of Sci Qual International under their JAS-ANZ Accreditation. This complies with IAF requirements to certify organizations to multiple standards – including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISO 45001.

Time frames for the process can vary according to the size and nature of your organization, the certifications sought, and your preferences.

Further details are available here:

The Certification Process

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